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The Tools of my Trade


I have plenty of tools and methods which I can share with you and adapt to your business tp make a profound difference.

Some of the tools include :

  • Business Financial Model: This is simply a spreadsheet I create from information I get from you. The insights this Model gives people cannot be understanded. It has been the catalyst to turn around many businesses I've worked with over the years.

  • Management reporting: Monthly financiasl reporting is critical to making sure your business is on track. I can show you how to ask for the right reports from your accounting system, then show you how to read them and what they mean.

  • Marketing Analysis: So many businesses are spending big bucks on digital marketing agencies but not knowing how to measure the success or hold the asgency accountable.I have a framework to give your agency to give you the information you need to assess effectiveness.

  • Strategy Capture: It's one thing to know what you need to change in your business, its another thing to be able to capute it into a single document and make sure your whole team knows what they need to do.

  • Organisation Chart: An org chart is not just a status map. Done properly, it lets everyone know what they are responsible for and help you delegate effectrively.


There are many more tools in the bag which I can share with you to further your business.

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