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Business Systems

Depending on need, there is a variety of systems, models, documents and skills I can help the buisness owner develop.

Managing and Leading People

Writing job descriptions/position statements/role descriptions

Conducting Performance reviews

Structuring an Org chart

Developing roles and responsibilities

Holding staff accountable

Setting up a system of structured meetings and agendas

Defining the culture of an organization and Values statement

Maintaining a high performance culture in a business

Developing front line managers

Delegation skills


Selling and Customer Service

Improving customer service skills

Improving selling skills

Developing a sales process

Designing customer satisfaction surveys

Managing sales people

Designing sales commission plan and contract

Project management

Service management


Financial Management

Building a financial business model

Analyzing and Interpreting sales and production data

Establishing and interpreting monthly financial management reports

Establishing KPIs for a business

Designing financial reports for business units



Developing a marketing strategy

Developing lead generation strategies

Pricing strategy development

Measuring digital marketing effectiveness



Developing a Purpose, Mission and Vision for a business

Developing and documenting a business strategy

Executing a business strategy

IT Strategy development



Managing stress levels

Time/priority/task management

Leadership through Vision

Let's Work Together

If we identify a need for any of the systems above, I can help you build and coach you to use them effectively.

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