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Business Coaching works when you have the right coach

So how do you know Mark is the right coach?

  • Mark started a business from nothing and built it up to a medium size organisation employing about 30 people and successfully sold it

  • He has been coaching businesses for over 9 years now and currently coaches about 15 businesses, meeting every month

  • Mark has a substantial track record of turnarounds, taking struggling and low profit businesses and helping them improve their profit, their quality of life and the lives of all who depend on them

But you never really know if a coach is right for you until you meet them. So make contact for a no-obligation chat. Mark claims that he can make a significant positive difference to your business in just 1 free meeting. Why not put him to the test? If you don’t want to engage him, or now is not the time, no problem. He's happy to meet anyway.


You owe it to yourself and all who depend on you to find out, don’t you?  You may end up wishing you did it years ago, as many of Mark's clients will tell you. Some of Mark's client have tried 4 coaches before they found and settled on him - not all business coaches are the same.

Why does business coaching work?


Business coaching works (with the right coach) because you, the business owner is usually the expert on what the business does, whether it be lawn mowing, brain surgery or anything else. To build a business that does those things requires an extra set of skills. In essence, they are: leadership, managing people, product development, customer service, marketing, sales, production and finance.


Many business owners don't have enough skills in these areas for the particular business they run - and this is what is holding back their business. Mark brings awareness to the skill gap and trains the owners up to the level they need. This makes a profound difference to the business.


Secondly, business is one of those situations where 1 thing not quite right can hold back the whole enterprise. Worse, you don’t know what you don’t know, and you're too close to it, so it's likely you don't realise what's holding you back. Often these things, once uncovered, are relatively easy to fix, and once fixed, the business flies.


Thirdly, small course corrections over a period of time make a massive difference to the destination. Sometimes there are changes to be made which make a large difference, but more often there are lots of little insights and course corrections that add up to a large improvement.

How does the business coaching work with businesses?
Does business coaching work?
Podcast: "The Business Coach"

How does Mark work with businesses?


You already know what's wrong with your business, or what is not progressing as you would like it to. It might be lack of growth, or insufficient profit, or staff not performing, or not enough customers; the issues in business are endless.


What you need is someone who understands your issues, can provide a fresh set of eyes on the problem and can help you discover the underlying causes. So you unpack all that is not working, work with Mark to understand the underlying causes, and prioritise the issues.


Then you bounce around some ideas for improving things. Mark has plenty of business experience and has seen what works and doesn't work in plenty of other businesses. So there will certainly be some good ideas for you to consider. In the end, you decide on what's best for your business and Mark will work with you to massage the best ideas into your business.


Wouldn't it be great to get some fresh perspectives and great ideas to work with?

In practical terms, what does this look like?


Mark typically meets with each client once or twice per month. Then there are additional emails and phone calls on an as-needed basis. There is a single monthly fee which covers the lot. There is no fixed term contract and you can cancel with 30 days' notice.

What sorts of businesses does Mark coach?

Business is business - the issues are always the same. You know how to do the thing the business does, Mark shows you how to make a business out of it. Some of the services Mark's clients provide include:

  • Landscape construction and maintenance

  • Primary Health Care (GPs)

  • Electrical engineering consulting

  • Online sporting goods (eCommerce)

  • Locksmithing and access control

  • Roof plumbing and restoration

  • Cosmetic procedures

  • Finance and accounting

  • Medical product manufacturing

  • Caravan repairs

  • IT services

  • Mining Services

  • Cattle Stud breeding

  • Elite Strength and Conditionng Gymnasium

  • Property Development and Investment

  • NDIS Support Workers

  • Specialist car repairers

What sorts of businesses does Business Veteran work with?
Business is business
You know how to do what you do
Mark helps you make a business out of it


It starts with an informal meeting - no obligation - no sales pitch - just a chat about your business and a valuable insight. Make contact.

Better business starts with the boss (that's You!)
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